This website is about Jesus and equipping others to fulfill God’s calling on their life.  My name is Martin.  I am the founder of http://goodnewsofjesuschrist.org with:  

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies. 
  • Minister of the Gospel for 20 years  
  • Street ministry
  • Marketplace Ministry
  • Traveling Minister
  • Website Training Ministry
  • Bible training Material
  • Technology & Audio
  • Served as full time staff minister for Eight Years (Minister of helps, Young Adults and Youth) 

We are a training ministry gathering together Christians that are skilled to teach technology outreach leveraging their own website for content, media platforms, social media and use of mobile apps for distant learning reaches cross country borders. While fulfilling their own ministry of reconciliation as ministers telling every person that they see publicly the Gospel.

Fellowshipping with other Christians and discipling new converts to follow Christ as their true pastor and then to send them out to replicate the process.  This sounds modern and disruptive without Church buildings and a pastor over them.  That’s because we believe the future is not a Church building where pastors teach-discipleship has no walls with global accessibility to scripture teaching and comprehension in any language in one click to translate.

In the time of Jesus there was the Greek common language and roads paved to reach the ancient world with the Gospel in that concentrated area where all the population was in that time. We have an opportunity for the first time since the time of Jesus to reach out across borders with comprehension through technology. We reach out through the model. Click here now!

Exposing Earthly Traditions, Establishing Spiritual Truth

We Train On The:

Truth Not Tradition

You Will Learn Service The Way Of Acts / Not The Roman Hierarchy Traditional Church Building Model Set Up By Constantine

You Will Learn That Elders Received Epistles For Saints In Cities / Not In Church Buildings

(Constantine Built The First Church In 325 A.D. To Set The Church Hierarchy)

The Lord’s Disciples Testified Of Jesus House To House, Synagogue, Journeys And Fellow shipped By Eating While They Disciple Converts / Not In Buildings Weekly

You Will Learn Called Out Ones Should Be Translated In English / Not The Word Church

(You Will Learn Forsaking The Assembling Of Yourselves Together Is Forsaking Faith In Christ And That Is Forsaking One Another)

You Will Learn That Bishops, Elders, Deacons Are Equal With Other Believers / Not god Of This World System Hierarchy Structure

You Will Learn The 5 Fold Functions, Spirit Of God Manifestation Of Graces / Not The Word Offices Or Gifts Added In English Not In Greek Bible

(Gifts Are From Jesus: Salvation, Righteousness, Holy Spirit, Grace And Eternal Life / Not Service Gifts)

You Will Learn The One New Testament Ministry Every Believer Has: Ministers of The Spirit (Reconciliation) / Not Any other Ministry In N.T.

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