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Welcome to Good News Of Jesus Christ Online Bible History Study.  Bible History is critical to understand to know the chronology of the Scriptures.  The Bible covers history from 4004 B.C. to 64 A.D.  The last book was penned in 95 A.D.  These are a chronological order of the Bible from start to finish. 

Part I: Understanding the Plan of God

Part II: Genesis to the period of Judges 

Part III: Kings with Prophets

Part IV: Between the Old and New Testament

Part V: New Testament

Theology Insight to understand the big picture of the Bible:

Before the world, God chose to crucify Jesus (Revelation 17:8)

What does this mean theologically?  When He chose to crucify Jesus, God fulfilled the Law by the sacrifice of Jesus and established faith for salvation in the eternal. 

Jesus was crucified before the foundation of the world in the mind of God.  God knew that Adam was going to sin before the foundation of the world.  The Bible can be understood in the two Adam’s.  God created the first Adam had out of dust to exist.  The Second Adam was the Lord from Heaven.  Heaven is a spiritual realm.   God created the first Adam innocent as flesh.  All of mankind are created temporal and corruptible.  When Adam sinned, he received a sin nature and started to die.  God told Adam in the day that you eat. 

God knew that no matter what that they were going to eat.  The Bible says that flesh cannot inherit the kingdom of God.  Since the Kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom and God is Spirit.  Those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and in truth (John 4).  God had to make us children of God and make us spiritual.  God did this by becoming a man as the second Adam (Romans 5).  Jesus came to die for sin and to destroy the works of the devil. 

Satan introduced the lie and became the god of this world system.  The first Adam and his offspring are by nature children of wrath.  Satan is the father over the unregenerate man and God is the father over those that believe the gospel unto spiritual regeneration in Christ (John 8:44).  In the Old Testament those that are of God believe God and find grace in His sight (Noah found grace).  Abraham believed the Gospel to come as Hebrews declares.  Those that were in the wilderness fell from unbelief.  When Jesus made the way, Abraham’s bosom was led on high in Ephesians. 

Luke 16 speaks about Abraham’s bosom.  The cross made the way.  By faith we are saved, it is a gift of God not of works least any man should boast.  It is always been faith in Jesus.  Faith sends us to God and unbelief separates us from God.  Jesus dealt with the sin problem on the cross.  You except the only sacrifice for sin in Jesus to become a new creation of the Spirit in Christ or pay for your own sin as unregenerate flesh.  No flesh will be justified by the Law.  Justification came through Jesus.  The law judges flesh not spirit, it is not for the righteous but the lawless unregenerate person. 

Only that which is Spirit can inherit the kingdom of God not flesh.  You must first be born of the spirit in Christ.  The Scripture says that those born of the Spirit in Christ will be glorified with a spiritual body at the resurrection.  The world will be judged by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jesus says if you confess Me before men I will confess you before My Father.  Period!  No reference to sin at the great white throne judgment.  I knew you not.  He will separate the believing from the unbelieving.  You name is written in the lamb’s book of life or it is not.        

God bound Himself  to an oath to fulfill His Word (Hebrews 6:16-19)

What does this mean theologically?  God has limited Himself to His promise and cannot change it nor can He lie.  It must be performed to the last word.  What was God’s promise?  God made a Covenant with the only begotten Son in Genesis 12.  God is the Smoking pot that passes through the cut sacrifice; which is Jesus.  Galatians 3:16 calls Jesus the SEED of promise.  Psalm 2 is promised to Jesus.  God provides the lamb in the place of Abraham’s son.  Abraham was the first to believe the promise; this is why Abraham is called the Father of faith. 

The Old and New Covenant can be explained in the following?  Jesus is the revelation of the mystery (Revelation 1:1, 19:11), fulfillment of the Law with its ordinances, fulfillment of the prophetic (Luke 24:44) and the destroyer of the works of the devil on the cross (I John 3:8).  God limited His ability by the oath and promise that He made in Hebrews 6. 

God cannot violate His Word.  It is impossible for God to lie.  God can only operate within the confinement of the oath and promise.  The point is that means God cannot do whatever He wants.  Hebrews 6 tells us otherwise.  This is why God is Just in everything that God performs.   

God created us for His pleasure

God had to create the physical to make the first Adam out of the dust of the Earth.  The physical is temporal, corruptible and is defined as being made with hands.  God made a spiritual place not made with hands called the Heavens.  The Spiritual hosts are the angels, Cherubs, Seraphs and believers once Jesus makes the way at the cross.  God is Spirit. 

God Sent His Son from Eternity to become the Second Adam in the likeness of sinful flesh without sin.  Jesus is born sinless, He came to condemn sin by taking its penalty.  The penalty of sin is death.  Jesus could only lay down life, because He did not sin.  No man can take My life, I lay it down.  Jesus was able to pick it back up again, because he was sinless.  Death could not hold Jesus down and He conquered the last enemy death. 

Jesus at the cross cast the Devil and one third of the angels out of the Heavens.  Jesus led captivity of those that believed beforehand in Abraham’s bosom on high at the cross.  God creates the physical body and then the spiritual body.  The first Adam was natural and the second Adam is a life giving spirit.  Jesus taught that you must be born again. 

God wanted to have literal spiritual sons and daughters. God needed to create the first man out of the ground and then the woman from man.  The first Adam sinned.  God had to send His Son to become man to die for sin.  Man can only become children of God by being born again into the body of His Son.  The born again believer becomes a literal spiritual son or daughter of God in Christ. 

That which is born of flesh is flesh (John 3).  That which is born of Spirit is Spirit.  When a person is born again, God cuts away the old nature man through circumcision (Colossians).  The old man is crucified with Christ in His crucifixion and they become a new creation in the spiritual body of Christ.  

We are baptized into the body of Jesus in spiritual regeneration.  Jesus is the first fruits of the resurrection with a glorified spiritual body and we are in Him.  Hebrews says that today again I have begotten you.  You are My Son.  We are begotten of God in the literal Son of God as children of God.  Not born of the will of men but of God.  NO ONE CAN UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE UNLESS THEY KNOW THIS.  I NEVER EVER HEARD IT PREACHED IN MY 20 YEARS OF LISTENING TO SERMONS. 

The common teaching is that the first Adam was the son of God.  When he sinned that he became spiritually separated from God.  Adam was created innocent.  When he sinned, God continued His plan by clothing them with the lamb.  Prophesying the promise of the SEED to regenerate them in the Spirit to become Children of God.  God is Spirit.  A  Son and daughter of God is not possible outside of being born of the Spirit into the literal Son of God in the Spirit.  Jesus is a life giving Spirit through faith.  God gives us the Spirit of God as a guarantee until the resurrection of the body. 

God will in the last day resurrect the dead and the living to stand before the judgment seat. The sheep will be separated from the goat.  The lake of fire will be for the goats that are unbelieving people.  God will purify the Earth for the Heavenly to set on Earth in Jerusalem.  We will live on the Earth and access the eternal through New Jerusalem. 

The History of the Pentateuch: Genesis to Deuteronomy

God created all things in six days: Literal 24 hour days not periods of time.  There was no gap in time as theories suggest in 1:1-2.

God created man on the sixth day.  God created Angels on the fifth day.

Fall of man

The first part is the Bible explained up to Noah, and then the timeline will follow Abraham.

  • God made Adam from the Earth and Eve from Adam’s side.  The Fall of Mankind: Satan deceived man to sin by breaking the command.  God clothes man’s nakedness with the lamb.  Prophecy of Genesis 3:15 The two seeds of Eden are your seed (Satan’s seed) and her seed (God’s seed).  Adam and Eve had twins.  Cain and Abel.  Abel was slew by His brother.  God appointed another seed.  Man began to call on the Lord from Seth. 
  • Genesis 6 is the sons of God being those that call on the Lord.  Daughters of men those that were unbelieving.  The sons of God were going into the daughters of men to produce offspring.  These men were men of renown being esteemed in the land.  They were producing other men of renown.  God saw that the hearts of men were wicked.  God was sorry that He made men. 
  • Genesis 6 is Noah building the Ark for the flood. God sends flood destroys all flesh except Noah and family that believe the Lord.  God floods the whole Earth.  Noah and his family found grace in the sight of God.  They boarded the Ark and were saved.  The rest of flesh perished.The flood is a picture of spiritual baptism into Christ that saves us from sin and God’ wrath is poured out on those that are not in Christ. 
  • What do the terms mean?  The word ark means coffin made of cypress.  The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was cypress.  The ark shall be a ransom.  Noah means rest.  What does it mean?  The unregenerate flesh outside of ark of Christ perished from the wrath for sin on flesh.  Noah in the Ark is at rest in the sacrifice of Jesus for sin on his behalf to escape the destruction.   This is a symbolizing of salvation through spiritual baptism not the washing of dirt from body, but a clear conscience through the resurrection of Jesus.  God tells Noah to replenish the Earth with the born again man.  God shows us in Genesis His plan for the serpents seed and His seed.

The First kingdom in opposition to God: “Tower of Babel”

Lesson: Shinar, Mesopotamia, Chaldea, Assyrians occupy during Israel’s exodus in this land in 722 B.C. and Babylon are the same places.

Abraham is called out of Ur and goes to Haran

After Abraham goes to Canaan and has Isaac.  Isaac has Esau and Jacob.  The first born according to Jewish custom receives the inheritance.  Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of beans.  God allows Jacob to receive the inheritance.  Jacob wrestles with God and God gives Jacob the name Israel.  Israel will have sons and daughters that will become the heads of the twelve tribes of Israel.  Joseph goes from the pit, Potiphar’s house, prison in Egypt as the second in command.

Insight:  Romans 9 says Esau I have hated Jacob I love.  This passage is used by Calvinists to argue for election.  God chooses who He loves and who He does not love.  What it actually means contextually and Biblically is Esau represents the unregenerate man of flesh that God hates.  Jacob represents the Born again man of the Spirit that God loves as His Son.  Esau is the first born of the natural and Jacob is the second born twin that is spiritual.  We receive the inheritance in Christ.  You must be born again.

Rephrase it here.  Jacob is the second born twin that receives the birthright that the firstborn sold.  Esau is a picture of the natural born man that sinned.  Jacob is the second born twin signifying the same person being born again of the spirit.  God changes Jacob’s name to Israel.  He receives the birthright as the second born in Christ. 

Israel has twelve sons that will become the twelve tribes after Egypt

The second kingdom in opposition to God: “Egypt”

Joseph becomes second in command in Egypt.  There is a famine in the land.  The brothers of Joseph and their father come to Egypt.  The Egyptians enslave them for 430 years until God raises up Moses to lead them out of Egypt.  They spend forty years in the wilderness.  The first generation perishes.  The second generation goes into the promise.  Joshua is a picture of Jesus leading the second generation in, the born again. 

False gods and idols

  1. Built the golden calf from the gold in Egypt
  2. Strange fire

God gives each tribe a portion of land they become the twelve tribes  

The period of the Judges

There were four periods and thirteen judges.  God would deliver Israel, they would serve others gods and then God would allow them to be in captivity.

False gods

  1. Baal 
  2. Asherah

The history of the thirteen judges (3:7-16:31)

FIRST PERIOD (3:7-ch. 5)

I. Serve under Chushan-rishathaim of Mesopotamia 8 Years,
1. OTHNIEL delivers Israel, Rest 40 Years

II. Serve under Eglon of Moab: Ammon, Amalek 18 Years,
2. EHUD’S deliverance, Rest 80 Years
3. SHAMGAR Unknown.

III. Serve under Jabin of Hazor in Canaan 20 Years,
5. BARAK 40 Years


IV. Serve under Midian, Amalek, and children of the east 7 Years,
6. GIDEON 40 Years ABIMELECH, Gideon’s son, reigns as king over Israel 3 Years
7. TOLA 23 Years
8. JAIR 22 Years

THIRD PERIOD (10:6-ch. 12)

V. Serve under Ammonites with the Philistines 18 Years,
9. JEPHTHAH 6 Years
10. IBZAN 7 Years
11. ELON 10 Years
12. ABDON 8 Years


VI. Serve under Philistines 40 Years
13. SAMSON 20 Years


There were three kings before the kingdom of Judah and Israel.

South kingdom Judah


North   Kingdom IsraelProphetsProphecies to 
Raoboam (17 years)


Abijah (3 years)

   house of Jeroboam

(Set up Idols in Dan and Bethel)

Jeroboam I (22 years)

Asa (41 years)



Nadab (2 years)

house of Baasha

Baasha (24 years)

Elah (2 years)

house of Zimri

Zimri (7 days)

house of Omri

Omri (12 years)











Jehoshaphat (25 years)


Jehoram (1 year)

Ahab (22 years)




Ahaziah   (2 years)

Jehoram (7 years)

Ahaziah (1 year)

Athaliah (6 years)

Jehoash (Joash) (40 years)


Amaziah (3 years)

Joram   (12 years)




house of Jehu


Jehu (28 years)



Jehoahaz (17 years)








Obadiah: Against Edom

Joel: Israel ten tribes

Amaziah (26 years)


Uzziah (Azariah) (52 years)


Jotham (16 years)


Ahaz (16 years)


Jehoash (Joash) (16 years)

Jeroboam II (41 years)

Zachariah (6 months)

house of Shallum

Shallum (1 months)

house of Manahem

Manehem (10 years)

Pekahiah (2 years)

house of Pekah

Pekah (20 years)

house of Hoshea

Hoshea (9 years)

Taken into captivity by the Assyrians in 722 B.C.




Jonah: Nineveh

Amos: The nations

Hosea: Israel

Hezekiah (29 years)



Mannasah (55 years)






Nahum: Assyrians

Habakkuk: Babylon

Zephaniah: Judah, Israel and people


Amon (2 years)


Josiah (31 years)


Johoahaz (3 months)


Johoiakim (11 years)






Southern Kingdom


Jehoiachin (Jeconiah) (3 months & 10 days)



Babylon 586 B.C.

Jerusalem and the temple destroyed    

Return 516 B.C.




Zachariah and Haggai: Zerubbabel, Joshua and the returned remnant

Malachi: Twelve tribes and church


400 B.C. to 1 A.D. the silent years

God did not speak from Malachi to John the Baptist. The only things that will be covered here are those things that are connected to the Bible.  The kingdoms in opposition to God are important.  The first thing that will be covered is Daniel 2 with the kingdoms.  The second thing will be time from 400 B.C. TO 1 A.D.

The kingdoms of this world system, destruction on the cross and overview of Old Testament Kingdoms:

Daniel prophecies about kingdoms that would be shattered by the Stone cut out without hands. The Stone strikes the image at the feet and it collapses.  During the captivity of Judah in Babylon there are different kingdoms that rule.  These kingdoms pertain to Daniels vision.  They must be understood to understand the Bible.  Note: The whole image comes down when it is struck with the stone. 

Since the image represents multiple kingdoms, it represents a system.  What system?  Satan is called the god of this world system.  The Stone is Christ that strikes the image representing the Cross that destroys the works of the Devil.  Satan is the liar from the beginning.  The first kingdom demonstrated through this world system is Babel.  What Kingdoms is Daniel representing in the image?  There are four kingdoms. 

The head of gold is Babylon, Medes-Persians, Greece under Alexander the great and Romans.  Jesus is crucified under the Roman rule.  What are all the Kingdoms in opposition to God displayed from Genesis to the Cross?  The first is Babel, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medes-Persians, Greece and Rome.  Revelation 12 says at the cross now are the kingdoms of this world, the kingdom of our God. 

Revelation 17:10 does talk about five kingdoms that were, one that is and one to come.  The five are Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia and Greece.  The one that is at this time is Rome.  The one to come is Ancient Babylon.

The rebuilding of the temple in 516 B.C. fulfills Jeremiahs prophecy in 29:11 of 70 years in captivity.   The Jews were led back to Israel around 448 B.C.  The rebuilding of the wall in 445 B.C. was done by Nehemiah.   Alexander the great conquered Israel in 332 B.C.  Ptolemy ruled Jerusalem until 198 B.C.  The Seleucids ruled for 30 years.  The Jews rebel against Antiochus IV who declared Judaism illegal. 

The Jews are free until Roman rule around 71 B.C.  Herod the great is appointed king of Judea around 37 B.C.  Herod rebuilds the Temple in Jerusalem to be grander instead of fortress like.

Note: Galatians 4:4 says that in the fullness of Time God sent His Son.  Here is what God did during the silent years.  The Greeks under Alexander the Great conquered the ancient world.  They made everyone learn the Greek Language.  The Romans were known for building. 

The Romans paved the roads for traveling.  The romans were made famous for hanging by cross.  What does this have to do with Jesus?  The cross was foretold.  The Scriptures are written in Greek and everyone was able to hear the Gospel at that time.  The roads paved the way for mission work.

The preexistence of Jesus

John 1:1-5

Colossians 1:16-17

Hebrews 1:1-13

John 8:58

The birth of Jesus

The angel Gabriel visits Mary in Nazareth (Luke 1:26-38).

The Birth of Jesus in a manger (Luke 2:1-7)

The wise men bring gifts to Jesus

Herod gives the order for babies under two to be killed. Mary, Joseph and Jesus flee to Egypt.  Herod dies.  They return to Egypt (Matthew 2:19-23)

Jesus at the temple at 12 years old

Note: There is nothing seen of Jesus until His Ministry.  Why?  The life of Jesus is to fulfill Scripture.  Jesus said that the Scripture be fulfilled.  The birth, ministry, death, burial and resurrection are the focuses on His life scripturally.  The ages from 12 to 30 do not correspond with fulfilling Scripture.  Popular opinion is that Jesus was a carpenter like Joseph.   He was a farmer.

Jesus Ministry

Jesus Death

40 days after resurrection


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