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How do I cancel monthly?

Email us at: [email protected] Subject Line: Cancel Monthly. Write name and information to locate your account to cancel. We will respond with an email that we received your request and will expedite it. We will follow up with the date and time of cancelation in System.

Can I offer over monthly income?

Yes. Whatever the Spirit of God tells you.

Can I deduct this offering?

No. Why? We do not subscribe to the status of a 501c3 non profit. The Government controls organizations messages under a 501c3. We will use all the funds for ministry expenses as well as outreach with nothing left over to claim for profit at the end of the year. Therefore, we will file a return as a D.B.A.

Thank you for supporting the Gospel, because it is the Gospel!

What do I do for methods of offerings change?

Use A Different Credit Card, Updated Card: If you need to change a credit card, then email us subject line need to use a new card. Email us the name on the challenge and the email address on the PayPal account that you used. We will cancel the old one and email you to update the new one through the challenge subscribe option. Do not send any credit card numbers over the email.


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