Create Website Ministry For Gospel


Click on this link for hosting and follow pictures for completing website.  The steps are: Select free domain name, Select package, Install WordPress And Customize Site.  

 Click Link For The Following Steps: Click Here And Scroll To Follow Steps To Create Your Site

Steps To Follow Pictures To See Every Step To Create Your Bluehost Account 

Action I: Click Get Started Now

Action 2: Select Package

(1st Package is only one website allowed)

Action 3: Select Domain Name Until Find One Available

(May Need To Get Creative: Name Should Associate With Content)

Action 4: Fill In Information: Uncheck Extras And Pick Service Length

(You Will Need To Verify Email Use Real One)

Action 5: Login To Your C-Panel For Webhosting To Install WordPress

(Check Your Email For Any Verification)

Note: Go To Manage domain names, click on name servers to make sure it is set to their nameservers number (Google their nameservers number).  Go To C-Panel click on add domain name to add domain name.  

Action 6: Scroll To One Click Install For WordPress

Action 7: Click WordPress 

Action 8: Click Install 

Action 9: Select Website To Install WordPress

Action 10: Install WordPress

Check email if the login username and password is not on the screen for you to copy.  This is your WordPress login.  Go to to login.  

Action 11: Login to WordPress 

Action 12: Customize site with theme 

Go to appearance and click theme.

Action 13: Click new theme

Action 14: Select your theme

Type in search any type of theme you want or click feature, popular and choose one.  I use customizer, spacious and any responsive.

Action 15: Select Theme to install

Action 16: Click to install theme

Action 17: Click to activate theme

Action 18: Click to customize theme

Action 19: Select for plugin 

Customize your site with functionality using plugins for layout.

Action 20: Search for plugin  

When you find it, Click install, activate and go to WordPress to use.

Here are the plugin functions to turn your site into any kind of site that you want:

  • Tell Google What your page is saying to show in searches:

Yoast SEO– S.E.O. is under where you type your content in post or page.  You will need to fill in the title, keyword and meta description.  This Word Press S.E.O. plugin will enhance your blog in the search engine to be found.

  • Enhance performance and load time:

W3 Total Cache– You will need to clear your cache for website performance. 

  • Create forms for messages and email list:

Contact 7 form– You will need a form for people on your contact page to leave a message.

  • Podcast for your site to post automatically to apple, google podcast and other platform.

Blubrry Powerpress– This tool will provide you with a place to upload your podcast to on the bottom of your posts under where you type in content.

  • Video for website to embed after you upload to YouTube:

Tube press– Put a video gallery on your website of your YouTube or vimeo videos.

  • Slider presentation for site without using SlideShare:

Smart slider 3– This will allow you to put slides on your website without any way for people to leave your website when the slide is finished.

  • Membership website for login for content restriction for member:

Wp member– Create a membership site.

Action 21: Create Your Website Page or Post

Customize Your Header of your site:

Go to appearance on the left in WordPress and click customize.  Go to where you can upload header in customizer.  Place your logo and slogan on the front page.  Place what your website does for your target audience in subtitle area.   

  • Create Home Page:

Click on new page.  Your front page can be a static page or you can let your posts.  Go to settings and click reading to select this page as your home page.  Home Page (Loading page of your website)

  • Create About Page:

(What You Are Teaching on site)

  • Contact Page:

(How do people contact you)

  • Start here or Get Started Page: 

Your website should express what it is about and what it does for visitors.  The average person leaves a website within 30 seconds unless you get their attention.  Every website must communicate three messages to visitors.  The three messages are:
Why does this site exist?  What problems does this site solve?  How to solve those problems?

Action 22: Set your permalink

Go to settings, click permalinks and select %postname% or copy and paste it in custom area.  This will auto populate your post from title.  Scroll to save.  Click.

Action 23: Platforms for online outreach

Create content that leads people to landing page with message.  This means that you should place content everywhere that points to one location for them to receive value for exchange of email.

What kind of content to create?

  • Make a video while to create to the audio (upload to YouTube and other video platform)
  • Create a podcast from the audio (Post it to go to all of the audio outlets)
  • Transcribe audio into an article (Post article on site)
  • Use pictures in article (Post to Pinterest and other picture site)
  • Share to social media
  • Place share buttons on website for visitor to share

Where to place the content that you create?

1.) The search engines are:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

2.) The social medias are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat

3.) The video platforms are:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Etc.

4.) The podcast platforms are:

  • ITunes
  • Google podcasts
  • Zune
  • Podcast directories
  • Stitcher
  • Sound Cloud
  • Pod bean

5.) Advertising

  • Other sites on their website
  • Radio
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Social

6.) Comment on other:

  • Forum
  • Site
  • Video
  • Social

7.) Offline

Postcard Mailing (Problem headline and solution on front and call to action on back)
Flyers (Headline, action points with benefits and call to action)

Action 24: Plan for internet evangelism

Google only cares about real relevant traffic.  They gauge this by the amount of time that people stay on a post or page.  They look at your bounce rate (Click off site) and who reads your content through linking or sharing content.  There are no more gimmicks for traffic.  3 things for you to get traffic to your website for free.

1.) Content writing strategy

You must write content that is 1,800 to 2,000 words.  Statistics show that the content that ranks for pages one to ten on Google are 1,800 to 2,000 words.  Rank for competitive keyword will require 3,500 word posts.  This is a indicator to Google that people are serious and that they know what they are talking about.  You must know the topic to write about it like an expert.

2.) Content writing consistency

You must post at least 30 to 50 of these type of articles over the next six months.  You can schedule the posts to post on a schedule.  Click on schedule above the publish button in your word press website post page after you complete the post.

You must research the topic and then write it.  Statistics show that Google picks up traffic to websites that post over the first six months consistently.  You will see nothing for months.  You must keep posting until Google recognizes you are an authority on the topic.

Quality with length not quantity that is short.  Start with 12 posts for niche keywords with posts that are 1,200 words and schedule them out.  After that write your next 12 posts 1,500 words.

You will work up to 1,500 word posts for the rest of the month.  You can post 1,800 to 2,000 words until you see the traffic.  Once you see the traffic, then you compete for competitive keywords at 3,500 words.

You should not try to put ads, affiliate or other offers until you start to see traffic.  Focus on traffic and then offers.  You can pay your way to get there quicker, but the point is to create a something for years.  This could take 6 months, year or 2 years.  Realistic.

Note: If you want to save souls it is an investment of time.  What is a soul worth to you?  We know what it is worth to God?  Ask yourself what is your soul worth?  Commit to the process of time.  Here is how it works with online evangelism.

3.) Content writing focus

Statistics show that traffic is 95% of content and 5% social media and other tactics.  Spend time on content forget about social media contrary to regurgitated parroting myths.  People that have enormous social following spend money to advertise to get those people to follow.

Statistics show that sales do not come from social media and credibility is not the result of social media.  It is a result of your content that is the value.
Get to work research, write and post.  Once you get extra posts start scheduling post out for the first 90 days at the least.  You will get traffic.  Get to work.  No excuses only results.  You will be tempted to do another tactic, but you will fail by pivoting to another tactic.  Get Your free traffic!

Action 25: Create a podcast for internet evangelism

What is the cost?

The Equipment for $50 will get you to start with quality.  Lisbyn is podcast hosting for $20 a month (optional).  The webhosting is around $100 year.  You can put out unlimited amount of podcasts for total of $390 year.  The cheaper way is without Lisbyn for $150 with equipment for first year.  If you get a lot of listeners then it pulls from your site.  This can crash it.  Lisbyn can take the pull for traffic when you use Lisbyn to keep your site function.  You can wait until you get viewers.  Your company for your site will tell you.

How to set it up?

Assuming that you are using WordPress site with hosting: Go to top of this page to create site.

1.) Buy A Microphone

  • Quality (Get you started)
    Blue Microphones Snowball
  • Professional (Get this to start if you can financially)
    Heil PR40 Microphone w/Carrying Bag, Microphone Clip, Windscreen, XLR Cable, and Pop Filter

2.) Set Up Audacity

Here is the link.

Click Run At the bottom of the page.  You will get a pop up that asks for permission to run this program.  I scanned it and it was fine at the time that I ran it.  I got a message that said this program is not recognized.  Finished!  You need a mp3 converter:

3.) Create podcasts on your website 

4.) Submit Podcast Feed

There are two options for your podcast on ITunes:

  • You can upload to ITunes by creating an account and using Lisbyn as your feed.  Take the link from the Lisbyn upload to place it into your website post.
  • Get a podcast plugin and create your podcast feed from website for ITunes.

What you should know for success in podcast?

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are audio shows that people hear through RSS feed to their computer, laptop, phone or iPod.

Why Start Podcasting?

You are unique, one of a kind and you are in a sphere of influence to provide creativity to your circle.  The idea is to expand your circle through outreach pointing them to Jesus.

How are people hearing their podcasts?

They are hearing podcasts in their car, phones, computers, iPods or other devises. Podcasts are simple to create and heard across the globe.

How to succeed podcasting?


The key to success online and in podcasting is commitment. You will not succeed online without commitment. 80% of blogs do not go anywhere online.  Why?  They did not commit. Success will take time without results from your work.  Commitment means that you will continue no matter how you feel, how down you are or how long it takes without seeing any results.


How do you get results from your work? You need to be consistent.  Consistency means that you will put out a podcast on a schedule over and over again.  You will succeed, because success is the only option.

Get unconvertible in your action until you succeed.  No excuses, only success. Day after day, you must not accept defeat.  You want a harvest; you need to plant the seed.  You must understand that it is seed, time and harvest.  That is not accurate, it is seed, tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime, and harvest.

Say it tiiiiiiiiiiiime!  You can do it!  Persistence breaks down resistance.  You put enough pressure on the obstacles in your way and you will break through.  You need to decide what you will do in the drought.  Anticipate the rain and prepare your field to receive it when it comes or do nothing and miss the harvest when the rain comes.

You need to prepare your field now!  The rain will come, all drought come to an end.  Commit, Commit and be consistent with your scheduled podcasts.


What is your schedule going to allow you to commit to publishing podcasts?

  • Once a week
  • Twice a week
  • Weekdays
  • Monthly

You must be realistic! What can you commit to consistently?

What about length of time?

  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • Hour

Data shows that people are gravitating to podcasts that are 15 minutes long.  Publish the same time and days consistently.  Smaller segments can be developed by writing your notes out like a three point speech.

How to communicate a speech?

The topic is the main idea.  The points are the three sub topics that will support your main idea.  Each of your sub points should transition from one to another. You should close with a call to action.

What are your points leading them to do in the conclusion?

You should stick to three points, because the mind can only process so much with comprehension.  You tell them what you are going to tell them.  You tell them in the speech.  You tell them what you told them.  Segments over 30 minutes should be written up like a show.  Create five segments.

  • Tell them something personal (2 minutes)
  • Tell them what points you are going to tell them
  • Tell them the points explicitly
  • Tell them what you told them tying it together
  • Close with a call to action or salvation

The point of podcasting is to find an audience and to keep them, so stay on topics that you podcast about consistently.  If your content is about cars, then don’t change it to crafting.  Thank you for following our step by step tutorial to start your podcast from scratch.

Action 26: How to create video for WordPress

You should create your video with your phone or computer.  Create an account on YouTube.  Upload the video.  Get the link and paste it into the plugin for WordPress.  This is for your site not to carry large files to crash it.  This means that it will not function.  If it is on YouTube then they get the pull from a lot of traffic not you.



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