Statement Of Faith


The Holy Bible is the only Word of God  and is without error or contradiction.  Their are a total of 66 that are inspired, the Roman Catholic Apocrypha is not inspired or part of the canon.  The Bible is the ultimate authority for the believer.  The old Testament is to be interpreted as the mystery containing types and shadows that are revealed in the New Testament unveiling Christ as the substance of those mysteries.  Further more showing what the results of Christ’s finished work redeemed.  The Scriptures are the testimony of Jesus Christ.  The Scriptures are to be taken literal until they cannot be taken literal, except where it is figurative.  2 Timothy 3:16


God is one God.  God said, that there is no other God except Me.  There were none prior to Me and there is none after Me.  I am God alone.  God is Spirit.  The Scripture says that God would send a Son called Everlasting Father and God said to name Him Jesus.  Jesus is the image of the invisible God.  God seed was in Mary.  God is one God as Father, manifest as Son and performs His power through His Spirit.  Note: If they were three in one, then the Holy spirit is the Father of Jesus as a persona of God.  The spirit was the one that place seed in Mary.  This is contradictory.     


God created all things in six literal 24 hour days and He called it all good on the seventh day. I am a young Earth creationist; the Earth is 6,000 years old. Angels were created on the sixth day as living creatures.  Genesis 1and 2

Fall of man:

When Adam ate the forbidden tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, Sin and death entered into the world through Adam and was spread to all mankind.   Genesis 3; Romans 5


Jesus is God manifested in the likeness of sinful flesh having no sin, born of a virgin.  Jesus died for the sins of the world taking our punishment upon His sinless body.  Jesus fulfilled the Mosaic Law and nailed it to the cross.  Jesus defeated the devil at the cross.  Jesus rose from the dead.  Jesus is the only way to God by faith. He is human and divine, but one person.  In Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead.  Jesus will remain as the Glorified God Man for all of eternity.  Colossians 2; Philippians 2; Luke 1:27-28


Grace through faith in Jesus alone.  Salvation can be rejected by a child of God after they are saved.  (Ephesians 2:8-9, Hebrews 3, 10:26, 36-39)


Children of God are the Ecclesia- called out ones defined in English as Church, but the root Scottish word in English “kirk” from Greek word “kurios- Lord” means belongs to the Lord. Child of God is those that belong to the Lord. 

Few Others:

God still moves today in the manifestations of the Spirit in Romans 12, I Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4. The evidence for filling of the Spirit is tongues. (Acts 2) When that which is perfect comes is referring to Jesus at the second coming not the Scriptures in I Corinthians, so the instruction in chapters 12-14 are still operating until the second coming.



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